Below are all of my telephone numbers. These numbers all have a role to do, and a purpose to serve.

Voice: +1 412 682 9751 (Pittsburgh US) [Cellular]
Voice: +1 343 341 6841 (Perth ON, CA) [International]
Voice: +44 20 3514 0064 (London UK) [International]

Fax: +1 412 415 7244 [Fax]

The [Cellular] Number is the phone line I carry and pay for every year. This is the number that is on my contact cards, and the number in my .vcf file. Also, all of the professionals has this number in case they need to reach me. People who I want to keep in touch with will have this number. Since this number is in all of my contact resources, it is a very public number. Therefore, I don’t have issue with people having this number.

The [International] Numbers are available for those that will wish to call me. All [International] Numbers rings to a SIP client on my phone. The [International] Number does not support SMS/MMS. Instead, you would be able to call the numbers, and reach me in a manner that is best to my needs.

Faxes is as the name implies are for fax communications. In my instance, the fax received is converted into a .pdf file, and emailed to me. I can then choose to print it, or do with it as I see fit. Incoming faxes are at 5¢ per page.

I do have a +1 914 telephone number. This telephone number is in my registry contact information. Since I must have a telephone number in my contact information, this number goes straight to voicemail. The reason, is 9 times out of 10, it is an unethical or a scam company trying to “sell” me their services.