Below are all of my telephone numbers. These numbers all have a role to do, and a purpose to serve.

Voice: +1 412 682 9751 (Pittsburgh US) [Cellular]
Voice: +1 412 360 8409 (Pittsburgh US) [International]
Voice: +1 343 341 6841 (Perth CA) [International]
Voice: +44 20 3514 0064 (London UK) [International]

Fax: +1 412 415 7244 [Fax]

The [Cellular] Number is the phone line I carry with me most often. When I am not home, my cellular line is the only phone I carry. This is pretty obvious as it is a cellular line. This number also supports SMS/MMS, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Therefore, there are more flexible ways to reach me when trying to get a hold of me.

The [International] Numbers are available for those that will wish to call me. All [International] Numbers rings to my home phone. The [International] Number does not support SMS/MMS. Instead, you would be able to call the numbers, and reach me in a manner that is best to my needs.

Faxes is as the name implies are for fax communications. In my instance, the fax received is converted into a .pdf file, and emailed to me. I can then choose to print it, or do with it as I see fit. Incoming faxes are at 5¢ per page.