Below are all of my telephone numbers. These numbers all have a role to do, and a purpose to serve.

Voice: +1 800 921 7610 [Toll-Free] US and Canada
Voice: +1 412 253 2956 [Secondary]
Voice: *462 17772603465 [SIP Broker]

iMessage/SMS: +1 412 240 9901 [SMS]
Signal: +1 412 240 9901
Telegram: @frank_pilone
WhatsApp: +1 412 240 9901.

The [Toll-Free] Telephone Number is likely to be only available for those in the United States, or Canada. If you live in either country, calling the [Toll-Free] number will ring my primary phone which is likely to reach me unless I am not available.

The [Secondary] number is used with companies that wish to contact me, and received my contact information through my WHOIS records. Also, since I had this telephone number since 2005, it is also likely for people that knew me back then, and decide to reach out to me. If you are calling to sell me services, the answer will be no. I don’t do business with criminals, and if you are making an unsolicited call, you are violating the Do Not Call List which applies to any company wishing to do business with US customers.

The SIP Broker telephone number is for anyone who has a SIP service that supports SIP Broker. Just dial the number in full, and you would ring my Callcentric Line. If you are using Callcentric, you can omit the *462 from the number.

My SMS number is intended for anyone not in my contacts to send me an SMS. If you aren’t in my contacts, and you send an SMS to my [Primary] line, I will not respond. You must send to my public number. People in my contacts will be allowed to send SMS messages to my [Primary] line

Signal is claimed to be a secured method with end to end encryption. I offer this as an option, but prefer people that I know to use this app with me.

The Telegram ID will allow you to connect with me without having to know my [Primary] telephone number. You would simply just use my User ID to send the message.

As for WhatsApp, you can use my [SMS] number to connect with me via WhatsApp. If I am home, I will use the PC to reply, so messages might get addressed quickly. If I am not home, then it will take a while to reply.