When someone calls me, one of two things will happen. The first is I answer the call. The second, the call go to voicemail. Refer to the home page of this site to see what numbers you have available. If you are not in my contacts, and you ring my [Cellular] Number, you would go straight to voicemail during off hours. You are removed from my contacts if I have no contact with you for 3 months.

Let’s address the voicemail first. If I don’t answer for whatever the reason, you would hear “You’ve reached Frank Pilone. Leave a Message.” This may seem cold, but the idea is to waste as little time as possible. If you have reached my voicemail, then it is obvious that I didn’t answer the phone. I would assume you have important things to do. If you get my voicemail, you must leave a message. I will not return your call if you leave no message.

Next, is if I answer the call. This will depend on who is calling. If it is from someone in my contacts, and called my primary phone, they will be answered with “Yes person calling?” Again, I will assume that your time is busy, and you have things to do. I don’t want to waste your time, and act like I don’t have caller ID. As for strangers, when they call me, I will answer with “Frank Pilone Speaking“. If you are making an unsolicited commercial call, I will likely terminate the call. When it gets too late in the evening, I will likely flip my switch to DND.

This is all again intended to be straightforward and to the point. If the unknown person calling is trying to be friendly, I will inquire with asking what they want. This is because most unknown callers I have received are for nefarious reasons. I rarely get a call with good results on the other end of the line.