Making a WhatsApp Call?

On a select few people that communicate with me via WhatsApp may want to make a WhatsApp call. In many instances, I will be OK with it, but there are a few things to consider. The things to consider is as follows:

  • No Video Calls
  • Should Ask Before Calling
  • Will Only Take Call When Home

No Video Calls

As mentioned a number of times throughout my sites, I will not take video calls. Yes, I know – it is a self-esteem issue, but I still will not take any video calls. If you wish to make an audio call, continue to read this page for courtesy on an audio call.

Should Ask Before Call

You should ask before making a call. This will give me time to get ready. If I am going to be on a long winded call, I will likely put my earphones on. This allows me to take the call and do whatever else I might be doing.

Another reason why you should ask before you call is I might not be home, or I might be tending to something that is more important, and needs my attention. To me, it is just common courtesy to ask before you call. I am on no one’s beck and call.

Will Only Take Call When Home

I rarely take any calls when I am not home. I am a private person, and don’t my business to be discussed with strangers around. I will tend to messages if I am not walking, or waiting in a line. I am sure my data plan can handle a WhatsApp call, but that is not the point. If someone calls me when I am not home, I will likely decline their call.