What is DND?

DND is Do Not Disturb. This is the process of silencing the ringer, and notifications from making a sound when enabled. On some OSes, one could cause the phone to ring if they call again within 15 minutes. In my regards, I will use a DND switch that is above the volume keys. I will put my phone in DND mode during the following reasons:

  • Doctor’s exam room
  • Eating dinner
  • Health issues

Doctor’s Exam Room

When someone calls you in the waiting room to enter the private room, that is the exam room. When I am called to go back, I will turn my phone to DND. The reason is doctor’s don’t want you to make phone calls when waiting for them, and it is understandable of why. Leave a message, and I will call you when I exit the exam room.

Eating Dinner

I shouldn’t be expected to answer the phone when I am eating dinner. So when I am eating dinner, I will flip the switch to DND unless I am waiting on an important call. Once I am finished with dinner, I will wash my dishes, and brush my teeth. Once all of that is completed, I will switch DND to off.

Health Issues

When my health has debilitated me to the point that I am lying down, and not doing anything, I will flip my DND switch to on. If the call is important, then send an SMS or leave a voice message (more reliable). When I am able to, I will return the call, however – I am not going to be in the mood talking. If you leave a message implying that the call was an emergency, and it’s not, I will likely not take your call seriously the next time.