Why a Fax Line

Let’s face it, faxes are not common, especially outside of the business realm. With that being said, I have chosen a provider that has a base cost of $5/month, and 5¢ per minute. I would assume 1 page for every 2 minutes based on a FOIP service, or 14.4kbps modem. I am not sending out faxes, and not likely to receive a fax. Having a fax number is a just in case. The company being used is Faxage.

Keep in mind, I would only recommend sending a fax if there is no other reliable option for providing information. Email is preferred, and I can receive attachments. Also sending email with attachments of 5MB or less will be included in my email to you. If I needed to send a file larger than 5MB, it will be uploaded to Dropbox, and a link will be provided to you.