Why am I not in Your Contacts

There are a few reasons that you would not be in my contacts. On the first day of January, April, July, and October, I will delete all contacts with the delete label. By doing this, I am keeping my contacts clean and easy to find the people that are in contact with me. With a few exceptions, if someone wanted to rekindle the friendship, they are more than welcome to reach out to me. The reasons of being removed are as follows:

  • No Communication
  • Severance of Communication
  • Uncalled for Behavior

No Communication

Simply put, I give everyone at least 3 months to reach out to me. I shouldn’t be the only one to reach out, especially if I am likely to be unsuccessful. If we are not keeping in touch, I am not going to keep your contact information in my phone. Unless you read this page, you may not even know that you have been removed.

When I am confident that you are not going to reach out to me, then I will mark your contact with a delete label. It’s nothing personal, just that we are likely to not talk if we were in the same room together.

Severance of Communication

Either you or I has terminated our relationship. If this is through email, then you would always just write a few sentences, or repeat things to pad the email. Another scenario is that I am too boring for your lifestyle. In either case, one or both agree that we are not a good match. I will label your contact for deletion, and delete your contact information at the appropriate date.

Uncalled for Behavior

If you are regularly acting in a behavior unbecoming of a civilized person, then I will take you out of my contacts. One example, is someone blamed for their woes because I would not send them $100. They eventually went as far as being vulgar, and telling me that I will burn in hell. Needless to say, I removed him from my contacts, and even went one step further by deleting his emails automatically.