Why No Sat Phone?

There are three reasons why I would never get a sat phone. The first is function. The second is connectivity. And the third is price. I will go into detail of each reason in this FAQ page, but all of these three reasons would keep me from likely getting a sat phone.

The first reason as mentioned is function. A sat phone is much like a basic candy bar style phone that you might have used in the 90’s. This mean no maps. no convenient SMS feature, and no touch screen. This will mean I will only be able to make basic phone calls.

The second reason is connectivity. While a sat phone can technically work anywhere in the world, you need a clear view of the sky for it to work. This will mean I have to be outside, and in a clearing which means it might not work in a city with tall buildings. The phone may only seem practical if you were in a remote area.

The third reason is price. First, the phone is more than $1,000. Your cellular phone will not work, and you would have to buy a phone that works with one particular satellite phone provider. Next, is. the cost of the plan. The cheapest plan from my choice provider will be $100 for 100 minutes (incoming/outgoing), and an extra $10 if I wanted a US telephone number. If I wanted to have rollover minutes, I will have. to pay an extra $5, and the rollover would only be good for a month. This plan will also require a 2 year contract. The benefit of this plan is the phone will be free, at $115+tax per month for a commitment of 2 years for 100 minutes per month is pretty extreme.