My [Cellular] Number (+1 412 682 9751) is my primary telephone number which is on e-SIM 1 of my Primary Phone. I have chosen to make this telephone number public to consolidate, and reduce resources that would not be necessary. At night, I will send unknown callers straight to voicemail.

If you call my [Cellular] number from a anonymous number, I will likely not answer the call and send you to voicemail. I disclose my phone number when calling you, I will expect the same courtesy. If you go to voicemail for this reason, you must leave a message, and I would recommend you provide a telephone number that I can call.

I also have a second number, but this number is no longer provided to new contacts. Since this second number is $15/month, I find it worthwhile to keep it. With that in mind, the second cellular number rings line 2 on my cellular phone so it means I only carry one phone.