The [Primary] number is provided to just a select group of people. I do not wish this number to be public which is why I provide a [Toll-Free] number on all of my websites. The [Primary] number is only given out to people that I would trust enough to have my personal telephone number. With that being said, there are a few things that will happen if there was a violation to this policy.

When someone not in my contacts calls my [Primary] number, they would be dropped and sent directly to voicemail. My primary phone will not even ring. This allows me to always have this phone on and ready to be used. It also negates most scammers, and SPAM phone calls as these numbers will never ring my phone.

In addition, anyone sending an SMS to my [Primary] and they are not in my contacts will get deleted without even entertaining reading the message. The first thing I would do is see if the unknown SMS was sent to my [Primary] or my [SMS] number. If the second, then I would entertain the conversation with an unknown person.