The [Secondary] Number used to be a Google Voice number, however with “improvements” to the service, the service has failed to perform in the way I expected it to. Therefore, the improvements actually reduce the quality of service. Being that this was a free service, I couldn’t really complain even if there was a way to voice my displeasure.

With that in mind, I have decided to eventually move the number to my secondary phone which functions as a glorified home phone line. While this number could technically receive SMS messages, I will not be as prompt in replying to such SMS messages – therefore promoting my [SMS] as the number to send SMS messages too.

The phone stays home unless I was to expect a phone call on this line. Also, after business hours, I will turn the DND on this phone to on therefore silencing all calls. I will check for missed calls when I turn the DND off.

For best results, a person should call either my [Primary] Telephone Number if they are in my contacts, or my [Toll-Free] Telephone Number if they aren’t in my contacts. International callers that can’t dial US Toll-Free Numbers should then consider dialing the [Secondary] Telephone Number.