The [Toll-Free] number (+1 800 921 7610). This telephone number is my voice number within my Contact Directory, and therefore available to the 7.5 Billion people that live on this world.

For people calling me, if they live in Canada or the US, the [Toll-Free] number is treated as a local call. It originally was supposed to be toll free, however in the US and Canada, people using a cellular phone to call a toll-free number still will consume their minutes. Nowadays, it is not likely to be an issue as most people have unlimited calling. This is why I consider the number as local to anyone in the calling region.

For the benefit to me, it allows me to have one telephone number rather than a US number, and a Canadian number. Also, anyone that has their number set as private will be unmasked and I will see the number they are calling from. This is a feature that is provided my many toll-free number providers.

This number is connected to a VOIP app provided by the service provider. If someone calls my [Toll-Free] number, it will ring 5 times, then forwards to my [Primary] number. If the caller is not a known caller, they will be forwarded to my voicemail service from my [Primary] number. This is done reduce the number of voicemails I have to deal with.

The [Toll-Free] number is in a VOIP app on my primary telephone, then forwards unanswered calls to my line 1 on my primary phone.